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Capital InterNational Advisors Ltd., LLC

Capital InterNational Advisors Ltd., LLC


Company Representatives

John S. Reilly
Managing Director
(469) 467-3903

John has almost 40 years of successful operations management, entrepreneurial and consulting experience.  His background is in hands-on operations, finance and project management.

John earned a BBA in Business Management from the Mason School of Business at the College of William and Mary, and an MBA from the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia.  For more details on John’s background, visit


Industry Memberships and Accreditations

John also served as the Audit Committee Chair and a Finance Committee member on the Board of a $2 million nonprofit serving Dallas and Collin Counties in North Texas.  He observed first-hand that nonprofits could benefit from his background in financial management.


Scope of Services

After reviewing hundreds of business plans during several years in middle-market investment banking, he now produces business plans — through a highly-collaborative process — for the experienced manager, wanting to become an entrepreneur by starting or acquiring a business.  That same process enables him to produce impact plans, the nonprofit equivalent of business plans, for nonprofits needing to lay out a path between their current position and where their strategic plan indicates they want to be in three years.

In addition to business plans and impact plans, he therefore offers fractional financial management services for start-up small businesses until they grow large enough to bring on a full-time CFO, and for nonprofits who know they need what a CFO would provide but think they can’t afford one.