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Lifetime Achievement Award

Lifetime Achievement Award

NTAGGL Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients


CDC – Webb Cox

Banker – Doug Sanders



CDC – James Stokes

Banker – Jimmy Campbell



CDC – Marilyn Mulvany

Banker – Greg Clarkson

Other – Herb Austin



CDC – John Hart

Banker – Ken Petree



Banker – Ken Byrd



CDC – Edith Snow


NTAGGL is Accepting nominations for the NTAGGL Lifetime Achievement Award.

Requirements for consideration:

• Active with NTAGGL

• Involvement with other SBA trade associations (i.e. NADCO, NAGGL, etc.)

• Commitment to SBA Lending (utilization of the SBA loan products)

• Longevity in the SBA Industry (at least 20 years)

• Impact on the SBA Industry through (promotion, innovation, grass-root efforts, legislation, etc.)

• Ambassador of the SBA Industry (someone who epitomizes an SBA Lender) • Other guidelines as determined by the NTAGGL Board of Directors and the Lifetime Awards Committee Members)

If you would like to nominate someone, please contact a NTAGGL past president or James Stokes at [email protected].