Scholarship Support Overview

Support NTAGGL’s Scholarship Award Program

NTAGGL’S Scholarship Award Program is largely dependent on contributions and donations from our Members and our Associate Members. In addition to the actual funds given to the students, our scholarship award program ensures that they have a strong financial literacy foundation through training with First Command Educational Foundation’s “Basic Finances 4 All” program (Click here for more information.)

Founder’s Program Sponsorship

Founder’s Club Level

Scholarship TrophyYour support and generosity at each Founder’s Program sponsorship level will be acknowledged at the awards ceremony and by presentation of a trophy that represents your donation and your commitment to helping fund a college education for deserving students.

To see the impact of your Scholarship Award Program donations, please watch the videos below:



2012 Scholarship Award Ceremony


Scholarship Recipient Yvonne Robertson


Scholarship Recipient Chad Robertson


First Command Educational Foundation

In 2013, the North Texas Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders partnered with First Command Educational Foundation to create a scholarship endowment for students in North Texas and beyond. The NTAGGL Board and Scholarship committee worked to raise over $40,000 last year and now the endowment has over $50,000 to help students in the years to come. NTAGGL would like to thank all of the donors and sponsors of this wonderful program. For more information please see our scholarship tab.

Click here to read the First Command Educational Foundation article.

If you need more information about the NTAGGL Scholarship Award Program, please contact:

Patricia Zelayandia
(817) 635-8217